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SeatsX is the world's only open market auction for rides between two transportation hub points. Just place your normal weekly commutes between the hubs for a whole week and sell your ride/seat as a community member driver or buy a ride/seat as a passenger. As a driver, you make all the money other than a small 25 cent transaction fee. Simply create an account on SeatsX, set up payment and banking instructions, then participate. We are better together!

Bid on a single ride, multi-day, weekdays or even a whole year at a time to lock in the price. Pay for your car by selling off one, two or three of the seats for a year or two at a time between hubs.

About us

While we have diverse experiences and backgrounds, was borne while we were teaching an entrepreneurship seminar in Mali, Africa to 50 promising men and women.

One member of the seminar said his dream would be to start a meat processing plant in Mali, but no bank would lend him money because there was no commodity market for meat in Mali and therefore no way to lock in the price for the product. We agreed with his conclusion that a bank should not lend him money as there was too much risk. From there we built the first multi-purpose online commodity exchange for emerging markets.

Using our core exchange technology, we decided to not only help the farmers and hotels in Africa, but every person on the planet with a commodity market for transportation seats.

Through investing heavily in technology and a robust series of patents over a number of years we arrived at We knew 85% of seats around the world are empty and if we could place a market force to fill them, we could give each human around the world approximately $1,500 each year while delegating all the power to the people*. is the world's first dynamic real-time market for seats from virtual hub to virtual hub. We believe in you and is our gift to the people.

*assumes the commodity market for seats fills up the empty seats and that the people use the system

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"Better than airline deregulation"

-Dr. Alfred Khan

"Best way to go to school"

-Gavin Simpson - Memorial High School

"Most frequent route Ithaca, NY to NYC"


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